Friday, March 20, 2009

Ecuinst.exe in AOL backup directories quarantined by McAfee

Once again, an AOL-related item appeared on another McAfee virus scan (after it loaded a new DAT and totally new Security Center (build 9.3.137) and anti-virus engine (build 13.3.115, engine 5300.2777) today (March 20). It’s “ECUINST.EXE” which was labeled by McAfee as a Trojan and quarantined. It was in a backup directory with “AOL” and “Program files” in the path name.

Does anyone know anything about this? I have used AOL’s website on the laptop to read email but have not used AOL dialup since the previous scan.

I could not find Ecuinst on McAfee's own virus list.

I have notice a tendency for Firefox to lock up when left open on the AOL inbox on AOL’s website.

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