Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My own problems with AOL's aim; "am I alone"?

I’ve noticed another anomaly. Recently, a few times, on a five-year old Dell 8300 with XP Home and pretty loaded, that the boot process stalls loading the desktop. The registry blanks (particularly when McAfee connects) and then the AOL Instant Messenger tries to connect from the broadband connection. I always turn AIM off if I’m not using it. But lately I found that for the first few minutes the computer would be slow, with the CPU close to 100%, even with AIM turned off.

So I uninstalled AOL AIM. The boot failures with the startup menu went away, and the computer slowdown early in the session largely went away. If I need it, I’ll install it, use it, and uninstall it.

Have other users noted problems with older implementations of AOL AIM?

Also, media outlets report that Conficker has been "quiet" so far this April Fool's Day.

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