Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some experiences with Spysweeper; deadly embrace problem with Firefox?

I thought I would post an update of my experiences with Spysweeper and Regcure, both of which I started using after I developed “slow bootups” and responses.

Regcure found about 2000 problems the first time, (many empty registry entries and incorrect entries) but the cleanup, which took about 20 minutes, did not make a lot of differemce.

The Spysweeper found about 45 suspicious cookies with the quickscan. I have found that after quarantining them, the performance of the computer does improve, improving faster startup.

I do uncheck DoubleClick, because I know that it is legitimate. Some of the others I recognize as legitimate, but Spywseeper finds many more spy-related items than does McAfee.

Sometimes the screen is still slow, and this seems to be related to problems with nVidia, which have been reported by others on the Web.

There is one tip. Google Chrome (at least on my XP Home machine from 2003) does not hook up to Webroot Spysweeper, but both Firefox and Internet Explorer do connect. If Spysweeper is updating its definitions right after I boot up and I try to bring up Firefox at the same time, the machine hangs, or at least the mouse does. There seems to be a “deadly embrace” in the software somewhere, that Firefox and Spysweeper should work together to fix. I get around the problem by bringing up Google Chrome first, going to at least one other site besides Google itself, and only then starting Firefox. (This reminds me of the “deadly embrace” in database problems; it also reminds me of the “empty files” S001 abend in the IBM mainframe that happens when trying to open a file for input when it had been allocated but never initialized before.)

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