Thursday, July 30, 2009

Web of Trust announces alliance with Panda Security

The Web of Trust is a website advisory facility, fed by inputs from users, that this blog has covered before. It is driven by site reputation with users. WOT has joined forces with Panda Security, and there is a recently provided weblink that explains this alliance:

WOT sent out a press dated July 30, from Helsinki.

I tried the Firefox download on Vista and Firefox would not allow me to pursue it. I will have to look in to this. With a different box it gave me an unknown file type. I’ll have to check into this also.

I have quite a bit of experience with McAfee site advisor, which sometimes causes “false positives.”

I haven’t noticed a specific website rating facility being offered by Webroot yet. However Webroot Spysweeper does flag sites it knows to be associated with distributing malware when the sites are visited or linked in emails.

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