Friday, October 30, 2009

Vipre Enterprises publishes Malware Countermeasures Guide

Sunbelt Software and VIPRE Enterprise has sent users links to a white paper “Modern Malware: Threats and Countermeasures”, by Greg Shields. The company site is (URL) here and the link to the 15-page white paper download (from the WebBuyers Guide) is at a dynamic link sent to AOL members (email address was included in the link, so I can't give it here.) Some of the malware types are porn dialers, backdoors, exploits, keyloggers (which may be legitimate in a workplace environment to monitor employees), remote control devices, rootkits, Trojans and Trojan downloaders, worms and viruses.

This is a pretty good overview, particularly for the small business owner as well as high-end home user, mostly of Windows based systems.

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