Saturday, November 21, 2009

Security packages can interfere with one another; the best package keeps changing: Bank of America offers free McAfee, what if you use Webroot already

Well, Bank of America offers its deposit customers six months of McAfee. I tried starting it, and found that I needed to use a different email address. After that, I found that it would not proceed with the download and install without removing Webroot (Spysweeper) anti-virus which was installed when I bought this laptop from BestBuy.

I found a page that reviews all the major security company products, including Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, and Webroot, here. This review said that Webroot does not detect new viruses quickly enough sometimes, and was critical of the toolbar.

Apparently, as I noted before, wireless users need additional Firewall protection to what Windows offers, to check installed products for what they send out. Webroot appear to offer this as “Identity Theft Protection” as part of its Internet Security Essentials. But if you go to your Webroot home and try to look for updates, it tells you (using Google Chrome) to call an 888 number at Best Buy.

Geek Squad says that the best security protection changes all the time, as the relative strengths and weaknesses of the companies’ products can shift around quickly. You have to keep up with it.

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