Saturday, December 26, 2009

Geek Squad: Now Kaspersky is the industry anit-virus leader; also, is 6 years better than average for hard drive life?

Well, my 2003 Dell 8300 got slower and slower, and today would not boot, giving a “corrupt system config file” message.

A year ago Best Buy was recommending Webroot Spysweeper as the best anti-virus; now it’s Kaspersky, with major link here. They also tell me that the “best” also changes quickly, from year to year; you have to keep up with it. I don’t know why they’re so down on McAfee and think that Norton is merely adequate. Professional review sites (Nov. 21) still like these industry leaders.

Kaspersky will also provide its own firewall, which would mainly be significant for wireless situations, as discussed before.

The Geek Squad help also told me that it is common for customer’s computers to be infected, even though customers swear that their machines passed a virus sweep. However, my set of symptoms is thought to be a sign of a failing hard drive. After all, it is six years old. Four years of life with heavy use is considered the norm.

But it seems that home and small business users ought to keep up with the scuttlebutt on the best packages.

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