Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Troj/FakeAvJs-A virus pops up

Tonight I was surfing for information about the History Channel’s “Apocalypse Man” when on a particular site, I suddenly got warnings that my computer was infected, that ran in a loop and did not really come from Windows Vista, but pretended to. I saw a warning from Webroot Spysweeper to run the sweep immediately.

Besides the usual spy cookies, The sweep found one virus in the registry keys: “Troj/FakeAvJs-A”. The quarantine report also listed “Mal/FakeAvJs-A” and a level 5 adware program “FakeAlert.gen”. Webroot reports that the items were successfully quarantined. The computer was restarted and then rebooted cold without incident.

The site that seemed to cause the FakeAvis script is rated as green by McAfee.

I notice also that Webroot uses anti-virus resources from Sophos, story (url). Apparently this virus was involved in a fake ad attack on the New York Times last fall, sophos labs story here.

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