Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kaspersky's strategy for automatic updates and warning computer owners about protection status

I thought I would document a little anomaly of sorts with my use of Kaspersky on my rebuilt XP Home Dell machine. If it’s been turned off for a while, when it’s turned back on, Kaspersky always “updates”. That takes about 3 minutes with broadband. Usually it has a “green light” meaning that the computer is protected. Sometimes, however the band is yellow, and says the computer is not protected, and the yellow turns to green after a longer update.

Tonight, after being green initially upon bootup, it suddenly turned red, and Windows Security reported that no security products were working. After playing with the “fix it now” button, the update reran, and at 29% the banner color shifted from red back to green, saying that the computer is protected.

There are no words!

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