Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Webroot hangs on startup with Vista updates also available (incident)

Today, I had an unusual experience with Webroot Spysweeper. It seemed stuck in a loop with the yellow circle saying “loading” on startup. It could not be started from Vista Security Center. However, Vista then advised me that it had updates, five of them critical. After the updates downloaded and installed, with the normal reconfiguration during restart, the Webroot started properly the second time. It warned of an error the previous session.

Last night Webroot backup ran, and it seemed to run normally (this time it was rather small). However, it did not send the usual email report.

Has anyone else ever experienced a Webroot hang on startup?

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Labrador Blue Dog said...

I'm having that exact same problem now. Thanks for the info on Vista updates- now I have to find that.