Friday, March 19, 2010

"New" Facebook phishing scam reported by media

Media outlets, including eCanada, are warning of a “new” Facebook phishing scam. Users get an email that appears to be generated from their Facebook account asking the recipient to change a password. It seems that a chain reaction takes place that can give the attacker access to other cookies and passwords on the user’s computer, including bank account information.

The eCanada story is here.

Media outlets also report that Facebook says it has trapped and shut down this scam.

An earlier scam in the sprint of 2009 had involved a fake Facebook login page, as explained here on CNN by Elinor Mills.

Facebook members should be wary of unusual "business opportunities" posted on their Walls.

Likewise, blog visitors should be wary of "opportunities" offered in comments on blog posts. Acceptance of a comments does not imply endorsement of what is there.

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