Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The ten top spam botnets now control 5 million computers worldwide

Michael Kassner published an interesting annotated list “The top 10 spam botnets, new and improved” on Tech Republic this morning, an interesting piece to pass along. Here’s the blog link. The sneakiest and largest right now is Grum (or Tedroo), and it infects files used by Autorun registries, making it automatically activated, with 600000 infections around the world. Maazben is “proxy-based” or “template-based”. Donbot (or Buzus) uses url-shortening or tiny url’s (popular with tweets) discussed heavily in the March 2010 PCWorld. Gheg (or Tofsee/Mondera – sounds like it comes form Avatar) encrypts traffic. According to Kassner, the top 10 botnets own 5 million computers and sent out 125 billion spam messages (including Nigerian scams and phishing) a day.

The visitor can review Symantec’s message labs report here.

Picture: ENIAC computer, WWII, at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Army Ordnance Museum.

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