Thursday, March 04, 2010

Windows Vista can become unresponsive during Webroot definition reload

I’ve noticed that Windows Vista can become responsive sometimes while Webroot Spysweeper’s virus definition file reloads if the visitor goes to a website that displays complicated ads (probably with sky cookies). I had that problem this morning when I went to a story on AOL. When I closed Interet Explorer, the computer became responsive after about a minute when the definition file had reloaded. The only prevention seems to be to wait about five minutes after boot-up before displaying sites with complicated ads. I haven’t noticed this with McAfee or Kaspersky. But there could be a small bug introduced in one of Microsoft’s automated updates to Vista.

On one or two occasions in the past, I had to turn the machine off with the power button, and go through safe mode to get it to come back up.

Picture: From US Army Ordnance museum, Aberdeen. There is a saying in the Army, "never call attention in the latrine!"

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