Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adobe downloads "free McAfee" on an XP machine already protected by Kaspersky

Here’s an oddity. My rebuilt Dell 8300 (new hard drive) with “just” Windows XP Home and Kaspersky Internet Security (favored by Best Buy – maybe “Chuck’s” nerd herd at “Buy More”) the other day finally needed Adobe Acrobat Reader again (that shows I don’t use it that much, mainly for “reference”) and the free Adobe download also downloaded free McAfee Security Scan Plus, which Kaspersky put into a “Low Restricted” applications list (with a yellow caution) after it reloaded its engine today. However “mcAfee” itself was listed under Trusted Applications.

I tried to run the Kaspersky Anti-Malware report and Kaspersky hung and was locked by the Windwos XP, which had to be restarted (a second time) to clear the lock.

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