Monday, April 26, 2010

Comodo Internet Security says it protects against "zero day attacks"

Today, I got an email from another Internet security company, “Comodo”, which offers some "cloud" products here, with that link here. (The company name and trademark reminds me of the musical term in Italian, “commodo”, which means, “comfortably”.)  The company says that it's wordmark should be associated with "creating trust online."
The product offered in the email is Comodo Internet Security Complete Version 4.0.

A portion of the email that really caught my eye is worth quoting: “It automatically addresses all potentially unsafe files by running a user's questionable files in a restricted virtual environment, without ever impeding the PC user's activities. Now users are automaticallyprotected from Zero Day attacks and threats that have not yet even been identified.” Richard A. Clarke talks a lot about “zero day attacks” in his new book on Cyber War which I will review soon.

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