Friday, April 16, 2010

Maximum PC evaluates 10 major anti-virus products, but leaves out Geek Squad's favorites

The May 2010 issue of “Maximum PC” has a “Security Software Showdown” (or maybe it’s more like a Suze Orman smackdown) on p. 22, by Paul Lily, called “for the Kill!” on that page. The article tests and rates (1-10) ten anti-virus packages.

The reviews of both Norton and McAfee are underwhelming. Norton claims the most features but the test team was able to fool it. Right now the favorite seems to be Eset Smart Security 4.

Best Buy’s Geek Squad is always telling customers that the best anti-virus software changes all the time, about every six months. But neither Webroot Spysweeper nor Kaspersky were selected for review by Maximum. I don’ know whether to make anything of that.

The online article seems to be a bit different, but has lots of reader comments, with link here.

The print article has a couple sidebars, particularly the about folly of relying on free “Cloud computing” for anti-virus protection at home. The Cloud (even of the Stephen King kind) won’t stop your PC from getting infected in the first place.

There’s another sidebar that talks about “new threats” and the need for a new kind of AV software, based much more on heuristics – but it seems that most AV vendors are doing that already.

Picture: Building above Best Buy store at Union Square in NYC has interesting construction, art.

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