Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Odd experience in mozilla with possible "spy cookies"

Today, while I worked on a older XP desktop, I went to click on a link to my older website, and suddenly an ad for a Chevy Malibu popped up. This older website does not have any advertising. I was in Mozilla Firefox, and had recently looked at one of my blogs. I tried looking at the blog again, and Mozilla crashed and then was restarted. Then the computer and browser operated normally.

I ran the Kaspersky full scan, which found only the known vulnerabilities in an older Microsoft Office installed in this machine.

An examination of Mozilla history was interesting. It showed accesses to an icon called “click.ic” which mapped to urls on doubleclick.net and interclick.net. On my Vista laptop, when I run Webroot spysweeper, doubleclick always gets flagged as potential spyware, although as far as I know it is actually harmless. But Kaspersky did not flag anything as spyware.

Perhaps I accidentally passed the mouse over something on the Firefox tool bar that invoked the tracking websites. I had looked at Car & Driver Monday and maybe the Chevrolet ad came back from a cache relating to that activity.

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