Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Legitimate websites attacked much more often than "adult" sites; Acrobat security update

Help Net Security has a couple of major stories today, including an interesting one “Infected legitimate websites outscore adult 99:1” with link here.  For example, in the UK there were more infected (probably by SQL injection) sites with the word “London” than with “sex”.

The story discusses the infection of Vodafone, as a recent example of “HTML:Script-inf” as an evolution of JS:illRedir and JS:ilIiframe exploits, which apparently have been known in Microsoft Windows systems for only about two weeks. So expect more security patches this week.

Adobe released a major reader patch today to Acrobat reader, one requiring a restart to take effect. Dan Kaplan has an article "New versions of Reader, Acrobat close publicized flaws" in SC Magazine (web url) here.

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