Monday, July 12, 2010

Windows 7 said to be more secure than Vista for businesses

Today Webroot gave us a tweet to another e-Security article, this one, by Lisa Phifer, giving us ten security reasons to go to Windows 7 (probably from Vista, as some customers have the right to free upgrade).

Most of the reasons are more applicable to networked computers in shops than to home users, but the tips on safer browsing (especially in IE8), and safer use of applications and Active X features, parsed down to individual users, are worth noting.

Another advantage is easier data recovery, in conjunction with the volume shadow copy (VDC). Many machines in Vista were locked in to an imaging configuration of the Recovery Disk and recovery points.

The link is here.

CNET has published an article b Robert Vamosi on Windows 7 Security back in October 2008 here.  There is an improved ability to selectively turn and off Windows Firewall components with third party firewall products, making it easier to user third party packages. User Account Control is also much more fine-tuned.

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