Friday, August 20, 2010

New York Times has major column on thwarting cyberbullying

Riva Richmond has a major report under the “Personal Tech” column of the “Business Day” Section of the The New York Times, on Thursday, Aug. 19, “Some ways to thwart an online bully,” here.

A major part of the report is an explanation of how to block someone from being able to access you on Facebook from Facebook, but the explanation includes the fact that a Facebook report and block will not affect access outside of Facebook. Cyber Bullying is listed as one of the legitimate reasons for a Facebook block, as is nudity, a fake profile, or racism or hate speech. But you can "divorce" somebody on Facebook, just like you can tell them never to call you again in real life.

The article mentions two other services, Safety Web (link) and Social Shield  (link) . These services could also help parents of kids who are doing the bullying.

Remember, bullying sometimes is a kind of retaliation. Kids who were bullied physically might be drawn into cyberbullying as a way to “fight with your fingernails”.

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