Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Malware dropper "spills" other spam-generators on testbed PC

Eric Brandt has an important warning on the Webroot blog, “Epic malware dropper makes no attempt to hide”. The discussion is about yogetheadshot.php.exe (VT),, which “spills” other malware on your PC, making it a node for sending out pornographic spam, potentially a legal risk for the computer owner. It also involves exploiting the Windows System Backup Dumper (winbudump.exe).  Webroot announced this story on Twitter this morning.

There is a wordpress blog entry (July 11) that tracks this back to an Adobe Acrobat vulnerability, link here.  But this vulnerability is supposed to have been patched.

I got a bizarre email to “undisclosed recipients” today on gmail trying to have a “relationship”. This was some of the strangest spam I’ve seen. No links, just an email address. No html. The AOL spam filter didn’t catch it. But the nature of the “relationship” was not something mature adults (gay or straight) would want.

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