Friday, September 24, 2010

McAfee loads new Security Center; questions about routers, ISP provisioning, and work-from-home

McAfee yesterday replaced its Security Center on one of my machines, and it has a “new look”. There appears to be an improved Spyware detection module (like Spysweeper) but the most important feature appears to be the “My Home Network “ feature, which appears to monitor the home Router (Netgear for me) as well as the PC. It appears that it is intended for a home where the same McAfee product is installed on all machines. Because vendors (BestBuy) recommend or pre-install different vendors (Webroot/Sophos/Spysweeper, and Kaspersky), I would have to make a decision on this. McAfee also offers a new Parental Controls module (for COPA-like filtering) and PC Optimization.  The Security Center also loads much faster from the tray icon.

Also, because of a possible employment matter, I might have to look in to having Comcast let me provision my router so that one has to sign in to the Router as well as the computer (Comcast does not seem to allow this now). That would add more security.

Some employers for work-at-home jobs (like Alpine, Live Ops, etc) would require dedicated PC’s for work, separately. It could be that the way Network routing is set up with Comcast and other vendors (provisioned at the ISP, not at home) could present a security issue for some employers in some work-at-home situations. I’m not sure how Verizon FIOS works. This all bears investigation.

The first time the new Security Center updated the dat file, it kept sayingit could not connect to the Internet (when the connection was working) until the computer was rebooted, the Security Center re-opened, and two cycles of "checking for updates" were done; then it worked.

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