Monday, September 20, 2010

Webroot offers upgrade, but says call tech support

I got an Alert from Webroot today that it had a new version to download (for Webroot Antivirus with Spysweeper). When I went to answer it and download, it said that it detected that I save photos and videos online (which I indeed do, in Google Picasa), and that I should call the tech support to be talked through the installation.

I did not go through with it, as I do not have time to stop and wait to reach tech support on the phone for a complicated procedure on Vista. I’ve never seen an anti-virus package do this before.

I do see a new product “Webroot Internal Security Complete” (link)and it mentions file and photo sharing, but this may be for a P2P environment. It does appear to offer an improvement over Windows Firewall for outgoing wireless communications where there could be concern over wardriving. Maybe that’s what is offered. But it will take time to track down and install, it appears, if you’re an existing customer.

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