Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Microsoft wants to quarantine infected PC's from web, require PC health certificates

Microsoft has published a position paper calling for a mechanism to identify infected computers and having ISP’s disconnect them from the Internet until they get “health certificates”. The paper is titled “Collective Defense: Applying Public Health Models to the Internet”, by Scott Chaney, Corporate Vice President, Trustworthy Computing.

A certificate would require freedom from malware and properly configured security software. I suppose Geek Squad and similar companies would have a business model bringing home computers up to standard. Question could occur with home networks and routers, as to proper configurations if different computers had different vendors, or whether a given computer could or should have more than one vendor, or whether Microsoft Windows Firewall is sufficient (or whether Microsoft can beef it up). Another important issue would be the application of automated security updates. Computers or laptops that had not been used in a long time could also present issues.

Emma Woollacott has the story on TGDaily, here (included a download of the Microsoft paper, which is dynamic PDF will need to be saved on your computer). The title is "Microsoft wants 'sick' PC's banned from the Internet".

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