Thursday, November 11, 2010

Twitter offers picture chart comparing anti-virus software

Twitter has a chart (“Twitpic”) that compares the results of tests by various anti-virus vendors. Webroot scored well, and, yes, Webroot sent out the Tweet. Here’s the link. You might have to refresh it once.

I thought that Titanium was the cloud product, but it scored lower.

By the way, I’m getting advisories from Webroot to upgrade to new Essentials (that includes a new firewall, replacing Windows), but because of a duplicate license issue going back to Best Buy, it won’t work. I’ll probably have to take care of this if I go to Windows 7 and do a bug upgrade of everything.

I also have Kaspersky and McAfee on two other Windows machines (and stripped down McAfee on all machines).

By the way, security experts recommend putting "tiny url" preview tools on your machine before clicking on them from Twitter, unless you know the entities you follow well.

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