Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Man in Michigan prosecuted for reading wife's email without permission; prosecutor calls it "hacking"

Leon Walker, of Rochester Hills, MI, is being prosecuted for reading his wife’s emails without permission, after he looked up her password in a book on the desk and read her email before divorce litigation (apparently after she had filed for divorce, though).

The Oakland County, MI prosecutor calls this “hacking” and is prosecuting Walker under Michigan’s anti-hacking law.

This gets interesting. If you read another adult family member’s email without permission, is that “hacking”? What if you do it at work. Maybe you should be fired, but should you be prosecuted?

Walker could face five years in prison. He is an IT professional and says he bought and set up the home computer.

I think some people in bad marriages would quote "The Social Network" and say "Let the hacking begin."

Fox Channel 2 in Detroit has the story.

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