Wednesday, December 15, 2010

McAfee Security Scan Plus warns on parked domains mimicking more popular sites

Today, the free McAfee Security Scan Plus add-on to my Vista XPS laptop warned me of “one issue” when it ran its quickspan, a yellow warning on finding a cache of “”, a misspelling of twitter for links. The wording of the warning was dire, so I tried the site on another machine, an older XP laptop with McAfee Site Advisor. It told me that it’s a yellow site, with suspicious behavior. The one suspicious behavior reported was phishing scams; it was linked to green sites otherwise.

Many popular sites have domain name clones on the web, which nearly always consist of parked-domain-style links. McAfee and WOT will flag some, but not all, of these as fake domains. Webroot does not care about them unless it finds specific malware on the sites (but Webroot does have its own internal “reputational screening” within its active shield).

Commercial website owners would be able to litigate against the “fake names” for trademark dilution, especially after the 2006 trademark dilution law strengthening to allow prospective suits.

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