Thursday, January 13, 2011

Could the US military "draft" cyber security experts?

Michael Kassner has a daring blog posting on Tech Republic, “Should the U.S. draft cybersecurity experts?” ,  link here

The military Initial Operating Capaciy (IOC) was supposed to be operational by October 2010, but there is a shortage of skilled personnel – “good” hackers. 

There’s also talk of a “National Cyber Corps”.    Estonia created a Cyber Defense League, which can come under military control. The US could do the same thing with an NCC, and place contingent ability to place it under direct control of the military, as with the Coast Guard (and National Guard).

Another good reason to have “don’t ask don’t tell” gone!  Actually, while the debate and battle over DADT went on in the 1990s, the Clinton Administration resisted attempts to do away with a Selective Service system because of a fear then of a shortage of medical personnel in the military. The same may hold here. Connect the dots!

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