Thursday, January 06, 2011

Increase in broadband coverage at home increases DDOS attacks

The rapid increase in home PC’s with broadband cable connections or efficient wireless (on top of cable) is making it easier for “cybergangs” that infect and control home “botnet” computers to stage distributed denial of service attacks, either out of “political” protests (as related to the recent Wikileaks incidents) or, more often, extortion. 

That’s the gist of a USA Today technology  story by Byron Acohido Thursday Jan. 6 in USA Today
In fact, the availability of broadband as a basic utility, desired by the Obama administration, could make the DDOS problem much harder to control. No company is immune from a very determined “enemy” (determined to inflict “brand damage”), although the story indicates that most dDos attacks still get blocked quickly. DDos attacks were well known even before 9/11, and in fact had started getting reported even by small ISP’s by 1999. (The link for the story, "Attacks on company websites intensify; Protesters make use of PCs with fast Net access" is here.)

The increase use of broadband may well argue for the "Internet driver's licence" concept, or the possibility that ISP's will pull the plug on consumers who "allow" their computers to get infected by bots. 

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