Thursday, January 27, 2011

Webroot gives apparently false alarm with Red Hand, goes away on Restart

Here’s a good problem. In Windows 7, Webroot Internet Security Complete, when I boot up, gives me the “Red Palm” on PC Security after I read the notifications (which are always the same). I click “Fix it now” and nothing happens.  The only thing I see is “Scan now” but I scanned 5 days ago. This time it runs an incremental scan of about 400000 items in about 6 minutes, including memory.  I also deleted everything from quarantine (only spy cookies).  Was I supposed to do this?  I still get the Red Hand. When I reboot (warm), the Red Hand goes away, and everything is green. 

I presume it will want to run a complete scan on Saturday morning.

Many of the items marked as potential spy cookies are harmless, at least in my environment (like DoubleClick).  

Update: Jan. 28

Friday morning, I noticed that my laptop was automatically bringing up my Verizon MIFI Internet connection rather than my home Netgear router. Maybe Webroot detected that my connection had changed and thinks this is a problem. Actually, the MIFI may be more secure in this case, if a little slower. 

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