Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't use debit cards online at sites without https; beware of RFID-enabled cards

Monday, Feb. 21, Liz Crenshaw at NBC Washington reported on the dangers of shopping online with a debit card at sites that don’t use ecryption (https://). Two women reported having their bank checking accounts raided after ordering takeout food from a particular Chinese restaurant. In one case, the woman found a series of small charges that wiped out her account. Websites without encryption are prone to hacking when debit cards are used. This may be even more the case with wireless. And debit card use online is riskier because you already have the money.

It took the victim about ten days to get the money restored to her account.

No link or video is available yet.

But here’s a youtube video from “Boing Boing TV” in San Diego that shows that RFID-enabled cards (radio frequency enabled) actually decrease security, as someone shows how these cards can be read just by proximity, even when the victim is not processing a transaction. The only protection is a steel wallet. The video maintains that banks need to take more responsibility for centralized decryption of these devices. This would be particularly dangerous with debit cards.

But the main advice is still: don’t do business at sites without https.

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Contact me and know me said...

Yes, s is the security sign. A person must also check whether the site is verified or not.
Fraud websites can capture your info in many ways if you are not aware enough.