Sunday, February 27, 2011

A few "rogue" companies try to misuse Twitter notification system to send spam

Here we go again. I get a “Twitter notification” in my email on AOL.  I have to enable the link, and it is a link to a site to sell pharmaceuticals. Since I am on Mozilla, MyWOT intercepts the web page, grays it out, and warns me of a poor reputation, with adware and possible spyware, and an orange on trustworthiness. Webroot did not warn me about the site, and McAfee had it as unclassified.  On my setup, only Mozilla would catch this. 

The point is that some companies are using the “Twitter notification” to send ads of a questionable or, to some people, somewhat objectionable  nature.

Twitter does generate legitimate notifications when you have a new follower.  If you get a notification and your number of followers has not changed, consider that it may be a “phishing” or adware “notification” and you may not want to view it. This seems to be another trick for generating spam. 

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