Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Search engine companies fight malware placement; companies should expect intrusions to happen despite best efforts

Search engine companies, most of all Google, Bing and Yahoo!, have stepped up efforts to protect users from “search engine spam”, which designs web pages with malware or spyware to appear near the top of search engine results.   The story by Jeff Bliss appeared on Bloomberg today here. Google has particularly stepped up efforts in the past few months to identify “news spam” and other adware which may attempt to attract visitors with false rumors or fake imitations of known news sites.   Yahoo!, as we know, offers a Safe Search through Firefox.

The story notes that infected web pages from “legitimate” (non-porn) sources have increased markedly starting around 2006. 

The story appeared on Twitter.

Computerworld has a story by Jaikumar Vijayan advising that corporate network administrators should accept the reality that sometimes they will be infiltrated, and should focus on “behavioral” profiling rather than constantly looking for specific signatures, link here

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