Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another list of common ways PC's get infected

Here’s another list of “10 Common Ways your PC Gets Infected with Viruses” at the “Internet Service Guy” site, link

The most important may be not activating anti-virus protection on a new computer, or letting subscriptions expire (they get confusing and some antivirus companies have trouble billing properly after the “free” period), or not getting updates run properly, which may be more of a problem on older backup PC’s not used all the time.

It’s disturbing to see the comment that small business or personal sites may be more dangerous because they don’t have the high level of security. This may be less the case if they are hosted by a reputable share hosting provider (which you can look up under “WhoIs” as technical contact). I generally don’t use my credit cards except on large well-established sites (Amazon) or when redirected to them by smaller sites (as for fundraiser chargers).  

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