Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Firewalls will become much more heuristic; NBC reports on attack by Anonymous on HBGaryFederal

Webroot tweeted today a major PCWorld  article on “new Firewalls” and their use of heuristic analysis of application behavior to improve protection, by Mathias Thurman, link here

I don’t see an obvious connection to the Firewall issue in my previous post, or maybe I do.  Maybe the Webroot firewall doesn’t like my “behavior” with Internet requests, and I need to set up a new user. Haven’t tried it.  But it could be a “heuristic” false positive.  The other possibility that it could excluding a particular exe necessary for Internet access.

The buzzword here is “United Threat Management”, as in a linked Computer World article here

NBC tonight reported on the hactivist group “Anonymous”, with the attack on “HBGary” (basic link)  (try the url for “hbgaryfederal”).   The story indicates how dangerous collective indignation can become. Come on Barrett Brown, don’t smoke im your interviews with reporters; that’s depressing.  The group’s latest cause is to come to the “aid” of PFC Bradley Manning.    

There's a great line spoken by actor Jesse Eisenberg early in "The Social Network": "Let the hacking begin."

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