Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A number of nasty shakedown malware threats: to computers, mobile phones and cars (Webroot tweets)

Webroot  has tweeted three particularly scary stories.

One concerns a man in Los Angeles who was convicted of hacking into computers through P2P, and trying to extort users into sending him porn after finding it on their computers. Imagine how this could go into the area of frivolous prosecution. The CBS LA station story is (website url) here. A variation of this theme would be a kind of ransomware or shakedown,  locking files on your computer until you log on and pay a hacker, or even threatening to do so if you don’t download something illegal.

Then All Voices reported a story from Russia about malware, somethimes spread through Bluetooth, which could disable a car’s antitheft system and that thieves can even “trade” among themselves, (website url) here

AOL  also offered an article “Celebrity Phone Hacking 101”, with mention of Bluetooth to place spyware on the mobile devices, link (website url) here. One point to remember is GPS; someone could follow someone else’s location for targeting reasons.

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