Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The low-down on Mac security is crawling out of the woodwork

PCWorld  and InfoWorld have a story by Robert Grimes assessing the situation with Malware and Mac OS X, here. There is a general feeling that the Apple’s “sudo” approach to privileges makes it less easy a target than Microsoft’s UAC (user account control) concept. 

There was also a major story in Computer World by Greg Keiser about fake anti-virus software for the Mac here. When I bought the MacBook in February, I did pick up a Norton Security Suite, but I haven’t installed it yet.  I haven’t really used the Mac that much, so I ought to get with it. Will report on it soon .  

Many of the security concerns have to do with phishing and sites with poor reputations, which could affect either platform. And now we have a new topic, which doesn't even require your PC to be on: home router safety.

Update May 25:

Yahoo! has a news story saying that Apple will soon release patches to OS X "feline" operating systems to deal with MacDefender. The link from Digital Trends is here. This story will surely develop further.

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