Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is public WiFI OK if you use https?

Webroot passed around a link “5 Tech Mistakes Travelers Make on Vacation” on Tech News Daily, here
Of course, we know that free wireless networks are unsecured, but I thought it was OK to use https, encrypted logons, for sensitive stuff.  The article says use public wireless only for kids stuff. 

I would add the advice, to have a secure MiFi card for a hotspot, which you can take through TSA security with your laptop and cell phone, no problem. By definition, it’s more secure that a public network.  And MiFi is getting reasonably fast, although not as good yet as broadband cable or home wireless directly connected to broadband.

Some security experts are saying never to post travel plans online in public sites.

But answer the question: is it OK to use public wireless hotspots with personal information if you use encrypted logons, https? 

I’d add a couple other things. Remember that car keys and house keys fall out of pockets in taxicabs, especially if carrying bulky old European hotel keys.  If you lose rental car keys, sometimes you can lose your travel insurance on the rental. 

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