Monday, June 06, 2011

Kaspersky offers unusual email anti-spam training on my old XP machine, requires use of Outlook

Today, when I came back from vacation and booted up an older Dell 8300 desktop with “just” Windows XP and Kaspersky (installed by Best Buy/Geek Squad at the end of 2009 after a hard drive crash and replacement), I got a notification message from Kaspersky of “mandatory training on non-spam emails”.  I don’t know what this could mean. I tried the wizard, and it wanted access  some emails in Microsoft Outlook. I don’t use Outlook, so I closed the wizard.

I always do get warnings to update the Kaspersky database, which happens automatically. But the email notification makes no sense.  I have a small travel laptop, Toshiba, with Windows 7 Starter and Kaspersky, and get the normal updates, but have never seen this email thing there.  On the Toshiba machine, Kaspersky always offers to scan any thumb drive used to transfer or backup files. 

One other oddity I've noticed: a few sites can be communicated with only by Outlook. They don't tell you an email address you can paste into AOL or Yahoo! or Gmail, and don't offer a special script to avoid spam (the way most newspapers to).  But I still haven't bothered with Outlook. I don't think we should need it.  It used to be the target of every spam virus in the world. 

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Niadin said...

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