Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tales of the MacBook and Norton et al; small businesses now at more risk from hackers, with "investigations" at their own expense

I finally got around to putting Norton on my MacBook today, as I prepare to use it more. Pretty simple, but the restart takes a long time for a Mac.  I opted out of the LiveUpdate until I have it on a better connection.  The whole product seemed minimalist.  I still do 95% of my stuff in Windows (on a Toshiba notebook when I travel), but my habits will change.

I noticed something else with iMovie: it won’t find movies to import from a camera unless you connect through USB before starting iMovie.  Instead, it will invite you to film yourself with the webcam.  And if you disconnect, Apple tells you to go into File with Finder and Eject, but sometimes the Eject is grayed out.

Today, the Wall Street Journal had a disturbing story in print, “Hackers Shift Attacks to Small Firms”, with online video here; the story is by Goeffrey A. Fowler and Ben Worthen.  It related a small business, City Newstand, which was forced to spend $22000 for MasterCard for an investigation when hackers stole consumer information and sent it to Russia.  I have never taken credit cards or solicited personal information on my sites; I leave that to Amazon and other e-commerce vendors.

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