Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tech Republic has video on home, small business wireless security; consider recent industry initiatives to give owners more downstream responsibilities

Bill Detwiler (same last name as a promising Washington Nationals’ pitcher) gives an informative presentation on home and small business wireless security in this Tech Republic story, link; it'a 5-minute video.

His presentation is based on an earlier piece by Brian Posey of “10 best practices”; the closest original I could find was a Wordpress "Technology to Business" blog entry here

Detwiler  warns small businesses and homeowners against using old or recycled routers, of not resetting admin names and passwords of reused routers, of possible dictionary attacks, and against relying on Mac address filters. He also warns against leaving routers “abandoned” and still on (unused for many days or weeks, as on vacation).

I reported Friday July 8 on my main “BillBoushka” blog about a recent industry initiative that could hole home and small business wireless router owners responsible for copyright infringements done by “wardrivers”, a danger that could also exist with downloading child pornography with someone else’s router (this has happened, at least in Florida and in New York State).  The law may be evolving on potential downstream liability for router owners for inadvertently contributing to a crime or tort. 

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