Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Webroot quarantines bizarre-named virus "Af770ecl"

Today, Webroot ran its scheduled can, and took a long time to display only four of the six items it said it had found.  I looked at the quarantine, and at one point recently it had found “Af770ecl” and labeled it as a virus. Spysweeper did not have a record for this virus in its database (so I presume Sophos doesn’t, either).

But I found this report in the middle of the page for    where “dharmadave” writes “Also, every time I boot up, Webroot says that "a serious threat has been Quarantined." There are two it keeps identifying as five-bar threats: af770ecl and Troj/Fake AV-ECB.  The link is at a UK site called “Free Help”, link here
I haven’t noticed the symptoms he mentions.  I have Windows 7 Professional rather than Vista.

Does anyone know anything about this "virus"?

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