Friday, August 05, 2011

Las Vegas Black Hat convention: possible remote threats to PC batteries, cell phone and cellular wireless transmission

Some scary stuff is coming from the Black Hat security convention in Las Vegas.  According to a CNN story, a hacker has developed a way to interfere with the battery charging technology in a Macbook remotely (presumably this could be done with a PC, also), to cause the computer to stop running or conceivably even explode. This sounds like the stuff of a sci-fi channel movie, but it could happen.

Another exhibit showed how homemade drone “airplanes” could disrupt cell phone towers, and probably cellular wireless transmission particularly popular with telecommuting arrangements with employers. 

About two years ago (and discussed earlier in these blogs), the Washington Times had discussed military microwave weapons that, of acquired illegally, could destroy all the electronics in a neighborhood of a city.

The CNN story link is here

Somini Sengupta has a Business Day New York Times story today “Guardians of Security are Targets”, link here about hacker attacks aimed at antvirus and Internet security companies themselves as well as government agencies. 

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