Saturday, September 03, 2011

Do auto insurance companies, like banks, eschew getting info from customers by email?

Today, I received an email from Geico asking to link to a questionnaire for an update of records.

My insurance would renew in January, so it’s early. But I did change it last Spring for business use. 

The email, however, gave a spelled out https link which, when I went to Geico’s site that way, found no such questionnaire, just the usual information on one’s policy and its billing or paid-up status as well as coverages.

I thought insurance companies would contact you by  US mail to update information, not email; pretty much as with banks.

I didn’t click on the main link, I just went to the site myself.

This is an odd one.  It arrived on a Saturday, too.  I would certainly call Tuesday and check something like this.   The email asked for a reply within 30 days.  Again, odd. 

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