Saturday, September 10, 2011

A license for webmasters? Obama administration debates stiffer penalties for hackers, stricter security standards for sites

The “Hill’s Technology Blog” is reporting that the Obama administration is considering recommending much tougher sentences for those convicted of participation in hacking and various fraud schemes, link here

It should be noted that usually when people are arraigned for computer crimes and get bail, they are required to stay off the Internet completely even before conviction, under probable cause. 

There is also debate on whether to hold companies (those who process consumer PII) to specific standards of security.  Although the article focuses on large companies, especially financial institutions, rules could affect ordinary webmasters, at least if they take credit cards.  Whether downstream liability should be tied to adhering to certain standards is being discussed.

Are we heading toward a day when one will need a “license” to have a web site?
Webroot tweeted this story early Saturday. 

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