Tuesday, September 27, 2011

McAfee gives incorrect warning of no Internet access on old XP laptop

An odd event occurred Sunday as I maintained my own 2006 Dell Inspiron laptop, which has Windows XP and McAfee.

It gets slow in both downloading Microsoft updates and running McAfee’s scan.  This time, I had pulled some old data off and copied it onto a flash drive, while the McAfee scan was unusually slow and started with the HLKM’s, which I thought were the Windows registries.  Finally I canceled the scan and let the updates install. Then I got a low on memory warning, and the Internet notification icon started blinking. I tried to restart using the update start button, and it wouldn’t. So I pressed the off button.

It rebooted normally, and seemed OK, and the wireless Internet connection with Verizon MIFI came up. But this time McAfee flashed the red “Your computer is not secure” and saying it could not check for updates and was not connected to the Internet, when the Internet browsers (Firefox) worked on uncached materials. A quick scan ran normally and found no problems. 

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