Thursday, October 06, 2011

Details Magazine has a guide to "hackproofing your digital life"; also a guide to cloud storage

The October 2011 issue of Details has black page (58), “A User’s Guide to Protecting Your Privacy”, with the online blog report here

There are devices for the cell phone (Lookout Mobile Security), home (Dropcam camera), Laptop (Prey), Car (Viper SmartStart GPS), web browsing (Cocoon), and passwords (Last Pass).  I’m not sure I’d want all my Internet browsing rerouted to someone else’s server, or all my password signons dependent on an outside service either.

The printed version also compares four off-site cloud storages (Apple, Amazon, Google, Windows Live). It doesn’t compare off-site backups (Carbonite, Mozy, Webroot).  Do you need both?  Do you want to depend on your broadband to be up all the time to access your own data?

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