Monday, October 10, 2011

USAF drones infected by a computer virus; related to protests? to Assange?

This little story is irresistible.  RedOrbit reports that US Air Force drones, similar to those used by the CIA for hits against terrorists overseas, have been infected by a computer virus.  So far, effectiveness of operations has not been affected, and classified information has not leaked. This sounds like a “proof of concept”. The link is here

The original story was by Noah Shachtman on Wired, here.  Curiously, this story hung in Windows 7 IE 9 with a “long running script”, for me at least (disable scripts before viewing).

Could this drone infiltration be related to Julian Assange’s group, to “Anonymous”, etc?

Or could it relate to the “presence” of CIA drone models at many “Occupy” demonstrations recently, or attempts by activists to break in to the Air and Space Museum Saturday where a drone model was on exhibit?

Webroot ran the tweet on the story today.

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