Monday, November 28, 2011

More on web sites "yellow-rated" by Webroot

Since I have (somewhat consistently, recently) gotten yellow warnings from a number of sites from Webroot that McAfee and MyWOT accept, I looked up a review on PCMag, from 2011, here. The sites particularly include movie reviews, retail, and some foreign blogs.

The reviewer talks about McAfee and Norton flashing red-colored (blacklisted) pages that Webroot missed.  I haven’t experienced this; on a few rare occasions, I’ve seen red pages from all, including MyWOT.  Google and Bing (as well as Yahoo! safe search) seem less likely to include these sites these days from search results. 

The yellow page is supposed to indicate suspicious behaviors sometimes associated with malware distribution or keylogging or other infectious behaviors, on sites that have not been "blacklisted".  Webroot does not seem to say exactly what behaviors are suspicious; is it what we call “unsafe code”?  One could wonder how the passage of SOPA might affect the way site-security ratings work (and the other way around).

It would be helpful if all site rating services could distinguish between hazards of computer infection (upon visitation or use) compared to a reputation for other bad business practices (such as was the case with Righthaven and MyWOT). 

In some cases, I don’t give a link to a Webroot-yellow site; for example, I may be able to find a Facebook page for the company and use that instead. 

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