Tuesday, November 01, 2011

MyWOT, Mozilla, Webroot mark wel-lknown advertising service, on well-known sites, as unsafe

Today, when I went to RogerEbert.com  on Mozilla and looked up a review of the “4M’s” movie, I got an interruption warning from MyWOT about zedo, which is a company that delivers “advertising technology solutions” to publishers.  The way MyWOT seems to interact with Mozilla and Webroot, it left the impression that continuing was very dangerous.  I found this hard to believe from a well-respected site.  When I checked MyWOT on zero, I found merely yellow warnings from users, here.

I can only add that Webroot is very strict about certain kinds of advertising cookies being used, when other security software allows them. 

I find that some of my blogs get marked down for "vendor reliability" by MyWOT merely because of the ads that they accept.  

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